BHSA 2021 - Forrest Linton Classic

Horse: You Ain't No Cowboy
Owner: Chelsea Hepner Bales
Rider: Chelsea Hepner Bales
Shows: 2
Horse: Congressional Win
Owner: Sarah E. Wynn
Rider: Sarah E. Wynn
Shows: 2
Horse: That's No Limit
Owner: Lucas Anderson
Rider: Lucas Anderson
Shows: 1
Horse: Rendezvous
Owner: Kristen Brown
Rider: Kristen Brown
Shows: 1
Horse: Armstrong Mill
Owner: Stephanie Hayes
Rider: Stephanie Hayes
Shows: 1
Horse: Caribbean Harmony
Owner: Andrea Vazquez
Rider: Andrea Vazquez
Shows: 1
Horse: Dollop of Daisy
Owner: Erin Grampp
Rider: Katherine D. Cherry
Shows: 1
Horse: Polar Axis
Owner: Victoria Klapper
Rider: Juliana Klapper
Shows: 1
Horse: Amy's Diamond Destiny
Owner: Alyssa L. Blontz
Rider: Alyssa L. Blontz
Shows: 1
10  Horse: That's Clever
Owner: Laura M. Wellington
Rider: Kelsey Barker
Shows: 1
Horse: A Promise To Keep
Owner: Victoria Klapper
Rider: Victoria Klapper
Shows: 1
Horse: Gaelic Slew
Owner: HMC Equestrian LLC
Rider: Maddie Santos
Shows: 1
Horse: Star Crossed Lover
Owner: Hanover Heritage Equestrian Cent
Rider: Haley A. Stitzer
Shows: 1
Horse: West Side Story
Owner: Erin Grampp
Rider: Erin Grampp
Shows: 1
Horse: Kilkeny Uptown
Owner: Stephanie Meittinis
Rider: William T. Tharp
Shows: 1
16  Horse: To Two Too
Owner: Oakland Heights Farm
Rider: Sarah E. Good
Shows: 1
17  Horse: The Quiet Man
Owner: Oakland Heights Farm
Rider: Blythe Brewster
Shows: 1
Horse: Up In Reality
Owner: Reilly Folliard
Rider: Reilly Folliard
Shows: 1
Horse: Finished In Blue
Owner: Diana Cappellanti
Rider: Grace D. Stitzer
Shows: 1

Last Updated 21 Oct 2021


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